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The concept of ausüben as it is related to health is to practice healthy habit, exert positive support for yourself and others, and to carry out your own goals.

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Milk: Why you shouldn’t drink it! 

                                                      Mlik Myth

The common misconception that milk is healthy has been amongst the most popular myths to be spread throughout health topics. We have always been told that in order to maintain bone strength, we must replenish our calcium by drinking milk! Despite the proven facts, humans are the only species that consume milk after infancy. Here’s why it is not recommended:

The best way to avoid drinking cow’s milk is to substitute it with a healthier choice. Alternatives such as almond milk, rice milk, and organic soy milk (beware of GMO soy!) are great tasting, healthier alternatives.

To read the full article, visit Save Our Bones here.

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